Our Goal is to Exceed Client's Expectations
Premium HR Services are: -

1.    Recruiting

Premium HR is a Recruitment Agent that can offers fast, effective, efficient and easy services for the clients to get qualified, diverse and interested candidates. Also, as for the job seekers to find the best opportunities as soon as possible within Egypt.

2.    Outsourcing

          Premium HR provides the Outsourcing process which is a business Agreement between two parties that is often made to lower costs or focus on competencies. Simply, it’s transferring an existing business function to an external provider plus a full responsibility for all Human Resources aspects like Contracts, Insurance, Taxes, ext……

3.    Training

Premium HR is also providing the Training process as professional training skills, management topics, and supervisory as well as specialized departmental training topics. This is to decrease cost, increase revenue, staff development, increase awareness and consistency of service. Our Firm offers the 3 types of training, conceptual, knowledge and skills.

4.    Consulting

          Premium HR is also specialized in the consulting process in Human Resources Management. We have the ability for providing all the functions for human resources such as compensation, salary survey, career developing, job analysis (specifications & description), benefit plan, etc…..