Our Goal is to Exceed Client's Expectations

Who are we? : - Directed by one of the shrewdest expert in Human Resources, Premium HR is a Highly Motivated, Powerful & Aggressive Crew of Professionals with an obsession for success. Holding the Human Resources Management Certificates, our staff deliver an impeccable performance in the most sophisticated operations with high efficiency in time and quality.


Directed by: - Our Firm  is Operated and Directed by Ahmed El-Araby, one of the most Experienced, Respected and Sophisticated Human Resource Specialists in Egypt today. Dedicating the past 17 years of his life to the firm, Ahmed has interviewed, hired, searched, selected and achieved. This invaluable experience has enabled us to paint a picture of the hidden potentials and gaps, giving us a very special place in the market. Thatís why we keep up.


Our Clients: - We are proud to honour the agreements of our customers who range from the large, Powerful and Leading Multinational Organisations, the Chains of 5 Star Hotels to the Progressive, Local Private Firms within Egypt. We endeavour to share with our Clients the Successful Procedures of our Services.  Offering help and  doing  our  very  best  to fulfil our Customerís  Satisfaction to  hire  the   Qualified Candidate is what Premium HR is Aiming for ..... Our Goal is Exceeding your Expectations.


Our Mission: - Thinking about the current unemployment issue is something short of bewildering! Why? 

Because there really are thousands and thousands of job opportunities that are evenly distributed among the different Egyptian professional high lighted hot spots. This is where we come in. We have taken the initiative to set plans with hindsight to eliminate this problem.  We are happy to report that our plan has had a positive result in the past 3 years with amazing efficiency and ascending in quality.